Barnards Loop in Orion

Barnards Loop is an emission nebula in the constellation of Orion, which is part of a giant molecular cloud which also contains the Horsehead, Flame and Orion nebula in the sword area, and at the top of the loop is the Lambda Orionis nebula

The loop takes the form of a large arc centred on the Orion Nebula, the stars within the Orion Nebula are believed to be responsible for ionizing the loop which extends over much of Orion.

It is estimated to lie at a distance of approximately 1600 light years, with actual dimensions of about 300 light years across. It is thought to have originated in a supernova explosion about 2 million years ago.

The image was made with a 2.5 hour exposure in 5 minute sub-frames with an astro-modified Canon 300D camera and the standard 18-55mm lens on a tracking equatorial mount, a CLS light pollution filter was also used.

The image was taken in January 2010

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Barnards Loop


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