My Current Imaging Setup - 2015

I have been through several different telescopes in the last 10 years, and currently I am imaging using an Explore Scientific ED127 952mm fl, f7.5 triplet refractor, with a dedicated field flattener, using a Canon 500D & 700D for DSLR Imaging. I am also about to dip my toe in CCD imaging with a one-shot-colour Starlight Express VF-M25C, which I have on loan to me for the 2015/16 winter season.

I use a QHY5LII mono camera for guiding through an antares 50mm finderscope, and also use the camera for planetary imaging.

I use a Skywatcher EQ6 Pro mount on a concrete pier in my home built roll-off-roof observatory, which is controlled through EQMod software and Starry Night Pro 5 planetarium software


Previous Imaging Setup - 2011-2012

Below is my old 10 inch f4.8 newtonian and an 80mm ED refractor used for deep sky imaging, along with a ST80 used for guiding


Image Processing

I use Deep Sky Stacker for DSLR image stacking and Registax for planetary and lunar image processing. I use Photoschop CS6 and Lightroom for post processing, along with plugins including Astro Actions, Gradient Exterminator, and Noise Ninja


My primary interest is deep sky imaging, with a particular favour for galaxies, as I find these the most challenging to image and most fascinating objects in the night sky

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