Andromeda Galaxy from the Peak Star Party

Messier object 31 - Large Galaxy in Andromeda
Telescope: Orion (USA) ED 80mm refractor
Camera: Canon 500D DSLR
Exposure: 1 hour 55 minutes


This is an image of Messier object 31 (NGC 224) better known as the Andromeda Galaxy, and its small companion galaxies M32 (upper), and M110 (lower)

M31 is a large spiral galaxy, very similar in appearance but slightly larger than our own galaxy the Milkyway, and is our closest extra-galactic companion in space at approximately 2.4 million light years distance. M31 is visible to the naked eye under very dark skies, although we can only see the bright inner core. Large telescopes and long exposure photography enables us to see the structure of the galaxy and its spriral nature


Ade Swash October 2011