Milkyway in Cygnus

The Milkyway is our home galaxy, the earth and our solar system reside in a part of the galaxy called the Orion spur. During the summertime some of the brightest parts of the milkyway are in our night time sky and from a dark location it is easy to see this as a band of light stretching from one horizon to the other. We are seeing our galaxy from within, and looking towards the denser parts of the galaxy towards the galactic bulge, sadly, due to light pollution, many people do not ever get to see this fantastic galactic haze stretching out overhead.

The image below was taken in August 2010 with a 20mm wide angle lens, with an exposure of 1.5 hours, and shows a section of the milkyway in the constellation of Cygnus. The bright fuzzy areas are distant starclouds in the galaxy, too distant to resolve into individual stars, and the mass of small stars are closer towards us. There is also many dark patches, which are vast clouds of dark cosimc dust which block out the starlight from beyond, these clouds of dark matter will eventually be pulled together through gravitational influences and begin to emit light as new stars begin to form, you can see this happening in the brighter orange regions which are star-forming regions of nebula.

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Milkyway in Cygnus

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