Observatory Build Project

The observatory started life a a standard 8x6 shed, the old roof became the main floor of the observatory and the walls were re arranged to form a 14x8 structure from which to build from

Pic 1

The pent-roof angles were cut off and a new angle formed from the existing structure, roof support trusses were added to give a 20 degree slope to allow water run-off


The main structure was then assembled using 2x2 timber, the eastern and southern facing walls were built with sections which are hinged to allow the horizon to be extended from the observing position


An 18x18 inch pit was dug for the pier support foundation, and filled with hardcore and wet concrete poured in around the rubble. The side walls were then clad with feather-edge boarding


The roof was constructed as to enable it to slide open on top of the fixed half of the shed. V-roller bearings sit on top of galvanized electrical conduit tube to act as the runners



The Pier was built using 8 inch ducting pipe anchored into the base with concrete fixings, this was then backfilled with concrete and left to set for 2 weeks. The electrics were added and finally the mount and associated wiring and control systems. The flooring was then fully constructed around the pier base


The warm room/control room was divided off and a hinged hatchway built to allow visibility of the computer monitors whilst attending to focusing etc


Finally the telescopes were fitted and 'first light' was had with Saturn.
The internal walls have since been sealed and pine cladding fitted to the inside


image scopessaturn