Here are a few short videos I have made which have an astronomy theme

Spring 2015 at Kelling Heath Star Party
Talking telescopes and solar imaging with the guys from UK Astro Imaging

Deep Sky Astrophotography with a DSLR
This is a selection of my deep sky images taken over several years using a DSLR camera

UKAI Gravity Solar Eclipse
Meeting up to observe the partial solar eclipse 20th March 2015

Kelling Heath Star Party 2014
This was from a weekend away at the Kelling Heath spring star party


UKAI Gravity Solar Star Party - Stonehenge 2014
UKAI held a Solar star party near Stonehenge in the summer of 2014

P.S.T. 90mm Solar Scope Modification
Simon Metcalfs' modification of a PST solar telescope to a high resolution solar imager