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Welcome to my Amateur Weather Station

'Swash Astro' Weather Station opened on April 13th 2013

The weather station in use is a 'Fine Offset WH1080' unit bought from Maplins UK for my 44th birthday from my wife and kids. It comprises of the outdoor sensor array and an indoor 7 inch touchscreen lcd information display which shows the real-time data being collected by the sensors. Communication between the devices is via a 433.9 MHz radio uplink at approximately 40 seconds duration.

The outdoor senor array is mounted on a steel pole and consists of an anemometer for the measurement of wind speed, and a wind vane which records the direction of the wind, a digital thermometer, humidity sensor, and barometric air pressure sensor is mounted in one unit under the sun shade to prevent direct heating from solar radiation, to avoid false readings, and a rain gage is fitted lower down the pole to prevent false reading from strong winds.

The sunshade also houses the radio transmitter unit which communicates with the main LCD console. The console is kept inside the house and displays the data from all the outdoor sensors, and also takes humidity and temperature readings indoors from sensors within the unit itself. The console is a stand-alone unit with an onboard datalogger, which is linked to a PC running Cumulus weather data software, the data is dowloaded automatically when the PC is running, which is then fed via FTP to the data webpage linked to below. The weather data page also displays daily monthly and annual statistics recoreded from the weather station.

The live weather webcam connects via Yawcam software to update the image every 5 minutes when online.

Weathercam is updated every 5 minutes when I'm online and it's not dark outside
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